Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Sane Person Could Possibly
Enjoy Themselves

The title of this post is a quote borrowed from IBC rider John Fennel. He uttered it while he and I were discussing resort type vacations on a ride the other day. I thoroughly enjoy his sardonic wit.

Doing absolutely nothing for an extended period of time as a form of enjoyment is something I’ve never understood. Someone once said “You can’t relax your way to happiness” (or I hallucinated the fact that someone said it, Google isn’t being very helpful today). To properly enjoy myself I must first thoroughly flagellate…myself, then I can relax. Going on a week vacation with the focus on sitting at the beach drinking cocktails and occasionally going for a swim is enough to drive me half batty.

It’s not my idea of a good time but I’m not footing the bill, so like the time that millionaire paid me to have breast augmentation, I’m going to roll with it. I’ll do anything for the right price. That one didn’t really work out for me though. Selling a kidney on the Blackmarket to pay for elective breast reduction surgery is no one’s idea of ideal. I could be wrong, I don’t get out much.

And now I post photos of my Salt-Barnacle encrusted bike because I miss it and, in a totally perverse way, the horrible New England weather.

The Race Blades they give adequate, not complete coverage, my seat tube suffers for it

Mini Moonscape on the backside of my fork

White Cranks, so many nooks and crannies to clean

The bottom bracket, it's like the dirty butt of your bike

Why such a perfectly isolated area of crustiness? I have no eye deer

It's nice to come home to a clean house. I'll only be coming home to a clean bike.
Which is still nice.


bikemike said...

Thanks Thom,

It will all work out rgardless of what has to be done. Just don't want to interfere with race season.

Hill Junkie said...

"To properly enjoy myself I must first thoroughly flagellate…myself, then I can relax."

Thom, couldn't agree with you more on that one. We head to Hawaii in April. While we may stay at a resort, several 4-8+ hour rides are planned. Post ride relaxation will be sweet.

Bullitt said...

A NE'er through and through. You can indeed relax youself to happyness!