Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ready to Get Crazy? Let's Have Some Fun Today
- Bob Ross

Met up with a bunch of the IBC Master's team sunday for a little beatdown out toward Wachusett. Richard Barnwell knows some great roads with nasty little climbs which are at the moment covered in sand, ice, and snow. Haven't been doing much high cadence, small gear climbing so I was hurting pretty good. It was a beautiful day, so beautiful that when I got home and found that I had been relieved of my afternoon obligations that I got back on the bike and hit it for a couple more hours. I spent the last forty minutes bonked out, draped over my bars like a jellyfish on a pier, churning into a cold headwind, dreaming of the leftover Chinese food in the fridge. That was some mighty good Moo-Shi.

Wedneday was the IF Elite ride out of IBC. So far it's been a civil, friendly ride with the exception of Sam Silver and Adam Branfman's sprints. Those kids are in a different league. Someday my claim to fame will be (maybe it already is) that I beat Adam Branfman in a sprint. Sure it was a slightly uphill sprint...and it was in our 39 X 23's (Jon Bruno's idea, brutal task master) but I won. All I won was the privilege of being the first guy to spin 210 RPM's to the top where I gasped "That was frickin' horrible!".

We'll be doing that ride every wednesday night out of IBC Newton at 6PM, so come on by if you're looking to ride with some of the fastest most experienced road racers around...and me.

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Anonymous said...

Will that ride be at least as dangerous/sketchy as the Wednesday night ride out of Lexington?