Monday, April 07, 2008

Oooh, SuperflyYou're gonna make your fortune by and by But if you lose, don't ask no questions why The only game you know is "Do or Die"Ah-ha-ha

Totally breaking character here with the multiple posts per day but I had to share this:
My world has just been turned on it's head. Ever since we got a Fisher Superfly in at the shop I've been doing this dance around it, trying to figure out how I could possibly justify owning it. I would think "yes, I can use a Singleator, run it as a single speed" or "maybe I'll just race gears this year". Neither of those are serious options, using a tensioner is kind of anathema to me and I think switching back to gears at this point would just make me slow again. I had to thank Glenn Cook for buying the only Superfly we had in stock in my size, he removed a great deal of temptation by doing so. In turn I thank Fisher for only producing three of these SS Superflies
and removing this option from my grasp as well. For this season I will happily ride my Rig,
but next year. Is a year up yet? How about now?


IF Chicks said...

We missed you on our BCT epic adventure !! so do you have a mtb now ??

Get better soon to get your ass kicked at Hopbrook, see you there.

Miriam K said...
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MaineCoonKoko said...

i'm confused. I guess it's not your frame? didn't you say you are getting a new 29" GF SS frame?

Thom P. said...

Nope, not my frame. Just three people are getting that frame; Jesse and Marko Lalonde and Cameron Chambers. I'm getting a Fisher Rig...soon.