Monday, April 07, 2008


"Coming down with a stomach virus" isn't just a euphemism for being doped to gills and needing an out before testing...sometimes. I'm pretty sure that The WADA wasn't testing down at The EFTA King of Burlingame Time Trial in Rhode Island yesterday but I decided to play it safe anyway. The kid at the register down at the Starbucks near my work has decided that I don't get charged for extra shots in my coffee, then the guy manning (guying?) the Espresso machine invariably offers an additional shot "on the house". Because of this I am nearly positive that my caffeine levels are way off the charts, I would definitely fail doping controls. That's why I feigned a tummy ache saturday night to get out of racing sunday. It had nothing to do with riding myself into the ground last week, commuting in the rain, and not sleeping, amazing that a virus could infiltrate the veritable fortress of my body, amazing.
Hopbrook is next sunday, going to try to pull myself together for that. In the meantime read this report by new IBC Expert Mt. Biker Colin Reuter on this past weekend's race, sounds like he had a good ride.

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