Monday, April 07, 2008

The Devil Makes work For Idle Legs

Hi two people reading this blog today. I'm not feeling well, I'm not riding my bike, so I'm thinking about riding my bike, and geeking out about riding my bike. I got on the Google Map Pedometer and mapped my hill route to work.

Hill Route:

It could easily be made into a loop without much customization. It looks a wee bit confusing with all the back tracking business, I'll try to clarify for you...two people.

- So you start out at my house (not literally for the one of you two who may be slightly on the Autistic spectrum)
- Then you head out west on Boston Ave
- Left on 60/High St.
- Go straight through the first rotary
- Right at second rotary up Mystic
- Right at light onto 3/Mystic
- Veer left onto Hutchinson (Climb #1 about 5min.)
- Left at top down Forest
- Veer Right down Park Ave Extension
- Cross Mass Ave go up Park Ave. (Climb #2 About 3min.)
- Cross Rt. 2, immediate left after overpass down the "Access Road"
at the bottom I hop on the sidewalk on the left side to avoid having to deal with traffic and double back up the access road on the other side of Rt. 2 (Climb #3 about 5-6 Min back to top of water tower)
- Head back over Rt.2, this time heading down to the funky little rotary,
- second right out of rotary onto Prospect,
- then veer right onto Clifton
- Right onto 60 at light at bottom
- Right at light onto Concord (Climb #4 about 4 min.)
- Continue up Concord (Climb #5 1 min. power climb in here)
- Left on Spring/Smith St.
- Right on Trapelo (Climb #6 wee little power climb, maybe 45sec)
- Pass Cambridge Reservoir (Climb #7 2 min. grinder)
- Left on Winter, good spot for recovery here
- Follow Winter back to Reservoir, head down One way street the wrong way,
stay right on shoulder at first then switch to left side so traffic can see you...
not super sketchy really, this is a very quiet road.
- Go right into first office park, all the way to top and back down (Climb #8 about 2 min.)
- Right on Winter, Pass second office park driveway
- Right up third Office Park Driveway, stay right at stop sign, go to top and back down
(Climb #9 About 2min.)
(Here you can also just take a right on Second Ave. and go up Bear Hill Rd.)
- Right on Winter, cross 95 onto Totten Pond
- Right into Prospect Hill Park, up access road (Climb #10 this is the big boy 5-7 min. with 17% grades thrown in)

you can either go to the top or continue on over to the neighborhood on the other side.
If you're not commuting to IBC Newton I would just turn around and maybe hit the Bentley College Hill on the way home and call it a day.

While I was at it I mapped this gem.
(Almost) Non-Total-Shite Commute:
It's a relatively not-crappy way to get from Somerville to Newton.
The only slightly tricky part is finding the dead end neighborhood to cut through off of 20,
it's probably easier to figure out in reverse. Oh, and that left off 60/Pleasant in Belmont...that's onto a footbridge over the train tracks, totally avoids the gnarliness of Belmont center.

Hope you find that helpful...two people.


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