Monday, March 24, 2008

Let's Move to The Country

Above: Remnants of a weird-ass lost civilization.

Got out for an actual non-commute related road ride this past sunday on an actual non-single speed type new De Rosa "UD". Geared road, I say Road bikes are faster than non-geared road bikes. No one can argue that. They also don't beat down your "Bonchial Region" like riding a Zebra across the Serengeti bareback. Which a fixed gear ridden on New England roads does. It's a 900 gram frame but it's built up with borrowed parts and things I found lying around my basement. I used a washing machine belt instead of a chain, it's awesome. It weighs about 18Lbs. Oh, but that vintage medley of Ultegra 9 speed and Shimano 600 is so sweet. I'm a "9 Speeder".

Above: The UD in Dover Center.
A guy drove by in a BMW SUV and yelled "Hey Faggot, get some Record Ten Speed on that thing!".

Above: So much beauty in rust.


josh said...

that was me in the BMW. and for the record, I said "hey fag, get some RED record 10 speed on that thing"

Ryan L said...

Did you get your new Rig yet???

Adam Branfman said...

Thanks Thom. It's been an exciting start to the year. Good race results, blog updates. It's all coming together. !!