Monday, March 17, 2008


Just received the email below from Mark Dionne, one of the organizers of the great Wednesday night Dover Time Trial series . This is a road that I frequent as do many of my teammates. Motorists harassing and threatening recreational cyclists without provocation is unacceptable.
Yes I have regular incidents involving crackhead drivers, but I am out commuting through congested areas at rush hour every day, one might say I'm asking for it. People out spinning around Dover are not asking for it, they should be able to have a peaceful, incident free ride. It will be a fine day when the law recognizes any threatening behavior by a driver as assault with a deadly weapon on par with brandishing a gun. I'd use a baseball bat analogy but a bat comes up far short of a two ton hunk of steel traveling at forty miles per hour when it comes to lethality.

This also relates to Andy's recent post about a misguided (cough-Understatement-cough!) motorist.

Without further digression, here's Mark's email:

Last June I had an incident with a problem driver on Pine Street in Dover, which is on the Saturday Fitness loop. At the time, I reported it to the Dover Police and told a few people. I just learned of an almost identical incident that happened yesterday with the same car, and I think it's worth warning people about this guy.

Here's my incident:

I was traveling down Pine Street in Dover, heading toward Centre Street on my bicycle. I was going down the hill in the vicinity of Forest St., about 1/4 mile from Centre St. Since I was going down a hill, I was traveling about 25 MPH.

A late model red Jeep (Mass plate "T----P") suddenly pulled in front of me from a driveway on the left, forcing me to brake hard to avoid hitting the vehicle. I hollered out "Hey" loudly to warn the driver, a middle aged man. I saw the driver look in the rear-view mirror, and then he hit his brakes hard, apparently to cause me to collide with the back of his Jeep. I avoided a collision by steering to the left of the Jeep.

From beside the Jeep, I said to the driver "Are you trying to kill me?". The driver responded, "Yes, I'm tired of you homos. You'd better keep off this street." The driver then proceeded very slowly, as if to provoke me to pass him, but I felt threatened by his behavior and I stayed away from him. As far as I know, I never saw this person before that day. I have seen the Jeep in the same driveway many times since then. There is no number on the mailbox.

Yesterday this same person tried to hit a rider with his car in the same vicinity, and the rider is reporting him to the Registry. I am also contacting the Registry. Has anyone else encountered this guy?


gewilli said...

sounds like we should send solobreak riding over there in some ancient team kit with sponsors that no longer exist...

i can imagine solobreak stopping at the mail box... and then taking out his sledge hammer and doing a couple hundred repeats there out front...

- not sure why - but that's the first thing that popped into my head -

Tim said...
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Tim said...

Why not loosen some lug nuts on the Jeep?

IF Chicks said...

What a moron..esp doing that crap with a customized license plate that would be easy to remember.

Andy said...

ok, so here is a rough plan for mr tjjeep, details need to be worked out..

so we tie and bound him and place him in a child's bike trailer, find a big hill with a nasty intersection at the bottom, get up huge speed and pull the hitch pin, let gravity and karma do the rest.

Tim Donahue said...

I had the run-in on Sunday 3/16.

If you encounter this guy, make sure you record the license plate, and report it to the police. Note the Dover PD is in the center of town, on Walpole St., just south/east of the Mobil station - take a right at the light at Centre & Springdale / Walpole.

The Dover cops know about this guy from prior incidents.

There's also a white Ford 4x4 pickup with plate "YJJEEP" parked in the driveway. It has a yellow plow blade mounted.

Be careful out there.

Mark said...

From Mark Dionne:
Most of the time when a driver gives me grief I end up cursing out loud. This case was one of the few times I did not. (Honestly!) And it's a good thing--if I had contributed even a little to the hostile situation, my case would have been diminished.