Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The First Days of Dogtown

So ya, I was just riding through Dogtown up in Gloucester sunday and this rock jumped out in front of me and I was all like "what the F- rock? I am gonna drag you out of the ground and beat you, AAAH!". Oh wait I was mountain biking and nothing that happened spurred anything like commuter rage. It was 100% pure fun with no badness whatsoever...that's mountain biking for ya.

The above photo...Brad going all "Now way Hans Rey". Andy flirting with disaster. Jeff expressing the overwhelming sentiment of the day.

Let them eat rocks/Cold Feet/Air Jeff

Cliche shot/Hike-a-bike/Island Hopping

It was the first MTB ride of the season for me. Borrowed Andy's Igleheart 29 SS.
Can't believe Andy let me borrow his baby, but it was much appreciated, such a nice ride.
This ride made me come to the re-realization that I really like mountain biking. It makes me as happy as a four year old hopped up on pixie sticks and Dr. Pepper doing somersaults in a bouncy castle.

Bouncy Bouncy
Oh such a good time
Bouncy Bouncy
Shoes all in a line
Bouncy Bouncy

-The Mighty Boosh "Bouncy Bouncy"
(thanks Todd)


blog.todddowns.com said...

Every time I bounce, I feel I touch the skyyyyyyyy

IF Chicks said...

i was wondering what you rode..
NICE PIX, we rode earlier down on cape for last otis ride,

Alex said...

Dude I saw you riding yesterday. By the weston ski track, bet you wish you coulda been skiing the gerbil track too... =)

Thom P. said...

That's funny, I was looking over there at all those crazy-fast Skiers pace lining along, wondering if you or Colin were out there rockin' out.

Next time I'll get out there on the fixed gear and chase you guys around...The LJM grounds crew won't have a problem with that will they?


JB said...

Those iglehearts are beautiful! If i ever get a custom, those are on the top of my list.