Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Bit The Bridle and The Thrashing Mane

Been working on my pack riding skills a lot. Yup, everyday I ride to work with a twelve plus pound pack. I figure it's like having a pretty good beer gut going, only with the advantage of being able to drop the extra weight more quickly. It feels like the gravitational pull of the earth just let up slightly when you do. Someone should do a study. Maybe it's like what adventure racers call "Brick Work". The term for what I do wouldn't be nearly so catchy. It would have to be called "Peanut butter and Jelly, Apple, Yogurt, banana, breakfast burritos, pants, shirt, drawers, and other assorted, work".

In the above photo the faceplate on my stem appears with the logo oriented correctly although the photo is upside down. The only reason I ever flipped my faceplates was to annoy anal retentive roadie types who spend more time looking at their bikes than riding them. I didn't realize it actually served a purpose...when taking upside down photos. nipples on men.

I've finally figured out an awesome (relative term) route to work, and sometimes I get to see things like this:

Rode with other folks for the first time in a long time today. IBCer Julie, her boyfriend John, and C Todd. We even picked up a friend along the way, a guy named Jim from Quad Cycles. He was a pleasant guy who insisted on buying me a coffee at True Grinds after the ride. Aces in my book.

After the ride and the post ride coffee M and I hit Soundbites. If I didn't ride bikes I would be a sumo wrestler in no time fat, uh I mean flat.


Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

I flip my face plates and I am always amazed at how often someone ends up flip it to the "right side up"...It is just a logo. I dig the ride shots in supah cold.

bikemike said...

Off subject just a bit here, Fisher in yet?
The logo upside down must bother those whom tell us to "fix it".
I need to go downstairs and make something to eat now, for some reason my stomach is growling. :)

Retro grouch said...

Easter european coach say you must ride 1 mile a day of leg isolation with 20lbs pack. You get sniffle you were turtleneck bed. Next week we work on sprint for 800 meters. I bring you up to speed with moped, you stay in draft till I tell you go.

Adam Branfman said...

Thanks Thom. Good seeing you at the shop two days ago. I drove 12.5 hrs straight yesterday and I stayed in a shitty hotel in Marion, VA, on the TN, NC, VA border. I am drinking coffee now and about to finish up my drive today to Knoxville. Lata Thopm.