Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What I said was because of alcohol and anger

I spoke harshly and now it seems the tide of bile has turned to tidings of good cheer over at the afore-mangled MTBR forum:

SSWC... I'm sorry.
When I reacted to the email from the guys at SSWC my head was up my ass for a few reasons...

1-dealing with in-laws during the holidays after the death of their mother.
2-dealing with lack of work.
3-having an unrealistic expectation and lack of understanding of my odds of getting in.
4-just not having my head screwed on straight.

So, to the guys at SSWC and to anyone else for that matter, I'm sorry I wasted your time with my rants. Have a good time at the races... following CreepyFriendly and the Darkness.

That's just one example, hopefully more people will come around as well. Sorry I trashed the forum, I'm sure lots of good stuff happens over there when I'm not looking. Maybe it's just that people tend to point you toward a forum whenever there's badness going on.
One note on the race, if Creepy Friendly and The Darkness are indeed coming, the race is already for third place, even if you're initials are the same as those of a medieval respiratory disease and your side burns show up on Google Maps.