Thursday, January 10, 2008

"We can rebuild him. We have the technology"

It's been nigh on two weeks since I last rode my bike - even to work. First it was the laziness and gluttony surrounding the holiday, then a virulent Flu type thing, which absolutely wrecked me. I couldn't gesticulate wildly without going on a coughing jag punctuated by the expectoration of green ectoplasm.
Just a few years ago I would have spent months off the bike without a second thought, gaining a Jan Ulrich like fifteen pounds, primarily in my belly. That was
'normal" for me. I'd be proud of myself if I got out on the bike a couple times in a late winter week. By the time the warmer months arrived I would be so out of shape it was depressing to the point that I wouldn't even want to look at a bike.
Being forced to ride to work four out five days does wonders as far as keeping me honest goes. That and more importantly I miss my bike, I miss the hell out of it. Sitting on my ass for this long has thrown my life out of balance. For now I sit guzzling Airborne spiked water and gnashing my teeth in anticipation of climbing back into the saddle.
Next week the beginning of the, begins. I'm getting a bio-mechnical fitting with Bill Peterson at "We Do Feet" this coming tuesday. This is to address a few nagging problems which have bothered me ever since I started riding more competitively. Hopefully he gets me sorted out and I can raise the bar a bit higher
for the impending season. I'm not getting any younger, but I'm not getting any slower either, I want this trend to continue for as long as humanly possible. I still want to be racing when the issue of the day isn't blood doping and steroid use, it's Elective Cybernetic Augmentation and Forced Genetic Mutation.

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