Saturday, January 19, 2008

Listen the snow is falling over town
Listen the snow is falling everywhere

My commuter pack gathered dust over the past two weeks or so, but looked majestic in the morning light while doing it. The rain cover still deployed from the last miserably wet ride home.

The only bike I'll be riding for the foreseeable future is Mr. Pink, the fixed gear. The gear is an insanely spinny-light 38 x 16. I'll definitely get my speed work in, but it will grind plenty good on my longer base mile rides.

A "Natural Break" while wearing three layers of clothing is always fun.

Those who spend the entirety of the winter months riding an indoor trainer watching Dharma and Greg reruns are missing out on some amazing stuff.

I Had a Slight Diversion, But I'm Back

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bikemike said...


Great page! I look forward to seeing you this season, may be doing the 29 upgrade myself.

It is an incredible ride for certain events and Fisher's new design just kicks a**.

Hope to see you at the EFTA banquet.