Monday, January 14, 2008

Shit Romney

My place of work can often become a place of war. The war is carried out on computers. Now I'm not talking about some crazy, futuristic "War Games" starring Mathew Broderick type scenario here (I was going to trash "World of Warcraft" but I'm pretty sure if I piss "those people" off they can actually come through my computer and kill me). We simply begin a theme for the desktop image on the computers, and then change the image throughout the day upon that theme. Sometimes it's more of free for all, where we try to offend or disgust our coworkers, forever reaching for new heights/lows of repugnance.
During one of these image-one-up-manship competitions I Googled "Shit Romney" my surprise nothing came up. What? How can this be? At that moment I vowed to alter this fact so that the next time someone Googled "Shit Romney" they would not come up empty handed.
Like that Range Rover ad with the husband and wife driving to the opera in the rain who stop to rescue a wet golden retriever even though they are running late said: "If you've done one've done something". Oh, I feel sick. Now if I could only hack into to Google and rig it so when you Google "Mormon", it asks "Did You Mean: Moron".
And when you Google "Moron" it asks "Did You Mean: Mormon".


Colin R said...

No results for "shit romney?" Sounds like someone needs to turn off Safe Search.

Thom P. said...

Image results. Of course the words "Mitt" and "shit" appear in the same discussion countless times. Find me another mash up of Mitt and a pile of shit and I will abstain from my fifth cup of coffee on my snow day.

Colin R said...

crap, i stand corrected. perhaps i shall photoshop you something poop-oriented tonight as an apology.

Andy said...

yes, but have you forgotten that mitt created and donated the poo for 2 girls 1 cup? I think he filmed it too.

Anonymous said...

i just came upon this after doing a google image search for shit romney. thank you.