Sunday, January 20, 2008

And the winter's so

And the winter's so long

Yes I listen to The Decemberists while I ride...and in general. Those lyrics seemed more than apropos today. The temperature was officially in the low twenties, but with the 15-20mph headwind, it drove the perceived temp well below that. Brutal is the word I use to describe. Just brutal. Lobster claw gloves, Balaclava with neck warmer and marino wool cap over that, polypro top, insulated long sleeve, craft mid weight, windbreaker with windvest thrown over for good measure, knicker bibs under amphib tights, heavy smart wool socks, Pearl Izumi's most burly booties. An hour in I was already hurting. I think of these rides strictly as an out and back thing. I try to ride directly into the headwind for as long as I can take it, then I turn and drag my ass home. The plan was for three hours, but an hour out was all I could handle, by then my hands were numb and my feet were in bad shape. Just in the sense that they were cold as hell. My feet and everything else are actually better off than they've ever been, thanks to Bill Peterson at We Do Feet. The fitting I got with Craig Gaulzetti has worked wonders as well...more on all that in a future post.

Breakfast was not broken before the ride, then I procrastinated so long that I was already a bit peckish when I left the house. By the time I was three quarters of the way into the ride I was ravenous. I wanted to stop and eat somebody's cat. The second I walked through the door I b-lined it for Miriam's banana bread. What's better than banana bread? Banana bread with peanut butter and jelly. That's what chief! I polished that off with a mug of of hot-recovery-cocoa with recovery marshmallows.

The previous night I'd gone out to opening of a new shop in Union Square Somerville. I took the scenic urban route over from the shop in Newton.

The bartender at the opening was probably a little inexperienced, he was very proactive, shoulder tapping potential customers and asking if they wanted a beer. How could one say no.

"she loves the faded colors of 3AM just like i do"

-Jonathan Richman

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