Thursday, March 01, 2007

Coit Tower Tme Trial

Still catching up to the present here, like starting to watch a show twenty minutes after the DVR or Tivo began recording, I'll catch up to the end of that red bar to "real time" hopefully by race season. It's looming, the race season I have The Root 66 Hopbrook Dam MTB race on my calendar for April 8th and my first 100 Mile MTB thingy is in Tennessee on the crap.

The morning of the Tour De CA Coit Tower time Trial I met up with the crew known as "The Lally's" for a quick rip up San Bruno Mountain in the heart of SF. As many times as I've been to San Francisco I have some how missed the fact that they have a full fledged mountain in the middle of the city, I guess I was always focused on Mt. Tam and getting across the bridge.

What urban ride would be complete without getting totally lost, taking a short-cut on a path under an overpass strewn with broken glass, up a 20% grade, and a sprint down a highway off ramp to finish it off. SWEET!
After the hill climb it was back to the house for a quick wardrobe change, a stop at the package store for some so called "Bumpers" (what we Bostonians call "bombers"), then down to The Embarcadero to watch the start of the TT. Watching Zabriskie and the like get up to top speed on the flats was kind of insane. After a bit of that we shot up the HUGE staircase to Coit Tower, the tower was mobbed so spectating was not ideal, it was, however pretty cool just being there, it was a beautiful day, the view from on high was spectacular, and the crowd was loud and rowdy...oh wait the rowdy part was really just my friend Pete. His laugh gives him away in a sea of three thousand people.

On the way down from the Tower back to the Ferry Building we ran into this scene,
apparently this type of thing happens but on this day it was "a bit special".

Then a local news crew interviewed Casey (who had ridden with us in the AM in jeans and a T-shirt, word has it she does seventy mile rides with a messenger bag and a lock in her pocket, i.e. "tougher than you").

Eventuallly we made it down to Zeitgeist where Marin Single Speed Monster Ron Bolds showed The Eastcoasters how to pour a pitcher without spilling it.

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Andy said...

can you still call it a package store if yur on the left coast?

good to see your intaking plenty of carbs in your training out there and welcome back to the blog world!