Monday, March 05, 2007

Brewco's and Bike Crashes

Now I'm falling behind again, I have more stuff to write about and I still haven't posted all my Cali stories. For the first stage of The Tour De CA me and my buddy Dave blasted up to Santa Rosa to watch the finishing circuit. It was a gorgeous day, kind of felt like I wasted it by not riding, eh. We spent some time at the Russian River Brew Co, the boys were taking a lot longer than anticipated getting up the coast, oh well, time for another pitcher or two of fine hoppy beer. We got the five minute warning and dashed to a viewing location just in time to see the field blaze by. We didn't see the massive pile-up but the aftermath was grizzly,
many guys rolling by, missing swaths of lycra, exposing legs and backsides free of epedermis. As the sprint wound up, the riders emerging from the shade of an overpass,

we saw World Champ Bettini soft-pedaling along. I took this as a sign that he was out training and wasn't really in any kind of form, apparently that wasn't the case, he just got blocked and sat up was all.
The traffic going home was abysmal, people who complain about Boston traffic should spend some time in The Bay Area. When a city only has three entry points in the form of bridges from any direction besides the south things get bad, real bad.
But it was all worth it.

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