Thursday, March 29, 2007

Harvard Ride

This past saturday I met up with Chris, Zeke, and Pete in Davis Square which is in Somerville Massachusetts, not in California last time I checked for a four or so hour ride out to Harvard Massachusetts which is also not in California. It was a lovely day and we were all overdressed except for Zeke who rides with a lock in his pocket, baggie shorts, and has a tattoo of Howard Blackburn (a guy who literally rowed his fingers off after getting lost at sea in a winter storm) on his calf. He doesn't complain about cold knees.

By the time we crested Oak Hill Road out of Littleton Chris was crashing, he needed food, I promised him relief in the form of the quaint old general store in Harvard center...the one that is now closed. Oops. Lucky for him (and me) there were these nice old dudes selling crates of oranges on Harvard common. "Gentleman, just take whatever you need, don't worry about it".
They kind of saved the day.

We had ridden into a headwind about the whole way out and as is often the case in New England the wind changed direction for the ride home, it was even blowing east-west on Mass Ave. I felt so opressed I was ready to call Kofi Annan (even though he's not the Secretary General of the U.N. anymore I'm just not ready to joke about calling Ban Ki-Moon yet, although his name is fun to say too...I'll probably warm up to him).

I didn't tell anyone but on the way home I was stressing about getting to UPS before five so I went to the front and basically time trialed home. I made it to UPS with four minutes to spare, I felt like I had won a Tour Prologue.

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IF Chicks said...

i saw you the other night coming back on MAss AVe toward arlington center (i was at lightin car on Brattle street)...
nice to have you back in town !