Sunday, March 18, 2007

Come back from San Francisco

Alright this is my last California post, I promise. I don't race until the 21st of April, whatever are we going to talk about until then? I suppose I can share tales of the commute, tally up how many people I flip off, scream at, and baselessly threaten with violence. It is funny (I use the term loosely here) that one can swerve at a cyclist, squeeze them to the curb, do basically whatever belligerent thing they want with their motor-driven 2,000 plus pound hunk of steel but if they picked up a two pound 2 X 4 and waved it at someone they would get maced, tazered, wrestled to the ground, and end up with a knee on their neck courtesy of the nearest man in blue. Funny.
So yes, California, my last night there I went out to Dinner with the Robbseses, Indian, very good, very interesting to read about I know. Zoe is wicked cute, she gets two photos in this piece.

After that Big D. Robb and I hit The Zeitgeist, San Francisco's premiere pedal-biker bar for few Bear Republic Racer 5's. Then it started to hail, yes hail, in San Francisco, insane. It lasted all of forty seconds but it was still just bizarre. It wasn't as crazy as "Thunder-Snow". Does it make anyone else nervous that they are coming up with new names for weather occurences in our lifetime? I just hope I'm not around when it starts "Fire-Raining" or "Angry Rabid Ferret Flooding".

Yes, and after a couple beers I think it's a good idea to take macro shots of gnarly bathrooms, it's true.

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jeff said...

question is, did you make a poopie in there?