Saturday, March 17, 2007

Now I Wanna Beat Your Dog

Cascade Canyon is an amazing spot right near Fairfax center ( in Marin County CA). When I was residing in the area this time last year me and the she-demon you see in the photos here (she answers to the name "Maggie", her true name cannot be spoken by men, our tongues will not form the sounds which comprise it) spent a lot of time up there. I found it very relaxing watching her tear the earth apart, kick the living crap out of rocks submerged in streams, and launch off the edge of fire-roads down steep ravines (I often facilitated this behaviour by throwing sticks over the edge).

The really fun part of any trip to cascade with Maggie (or a trip anywhere with Maggie) is that she whines, barks, runs circles in the back of the car, and drools on the back of your neck the entire way there, thankfully the drive to Cascade is a just a few minutes. On the way home she's a veritable lamb.

Cascade Canyon is also the place where the famed "Re-Pack" downhill finishes up, I never did get a chance to check it out, maybe next time.

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