Sunday, February 25, 2007

Two Tickets To Paradise

Saying you went out and rode "Paradise Loop" in San Francisco is apparently about as cool as saying you went out and rode The Minuteman Bike Path in Boston. But ya know what? For a guy who's been suffering through a Boston winter for a few months it is frickin' AWESOME and I highly recommend it for an easy ride (relative term in Northern CA) out of the city. Not much to report here, I already said "I went out and rode Paradise Loop" didn't I? Riding over the Golden Gate bridge is always fun, dodging tourists with digital video cameras and sketchy folks on renta-bikes who seem to succumb to your gravitational pull as you approach them, veering right into your path.
The ride itself is rolling and twisty and turny and on the day we happened to do it the weather was optimal, I even began some jersey tan lines (we'll see if they're still around after another month or so of east coast riding). Hey wait a sec...if Paradise is so spent how come we saw Mr. Marin biking guy Gary Fisher out riding it huh? He could be riding anywhere, he knows all the sweet stashes both on and off road, he could be riding in frickin' Italy if he wanted but no, he was out on Paradise, that's right Paradise.


seth said...

Who is the meathead behind you?!!

Thom P. said...