Thursday, February 22, 2007

Brief Synopsis

So as you may have noticed I haven't updated this frickin' thing in about two months now. I took a complete month off the bike,
commuting to work maybe three times before being laid off and since when I started the blog I promised myself that it would remain almost entirely bike related I haven't had much to post about. I suppose I could have written about my struggle to learn how to play guitar or my adventures in Mannying for my sister's kids but I thought I'd spare ya. I mean there are blogs on any banal subject under the sun, even knitting for chrissakes
Knitting Curmudgeon
but this is a blog about bikes, biking, and bike racing in particular. Hell, I wouldn't read a blog about knitting or some loser learning how to play guitar or baby sit for a couple kids so I wouldn't expect you to.

Basically the only riding I did during the first half of january were a couple sunday AM brunch rides. The photos are from one of those. Remember when it was still fall even as we hit the middle of winter? Those were the days.
It was some fun stuff though, no real efforts, just playing around on the bike like a kid, trying to get hurt at least once a ride to prove I was pushing my skill limits. I've got nothing on Matt O'keefe, watching him pilot the Seven tandem with drop bars through the stickiest of sections was a sight to be seen. Mostly just rode The Fells, I used to hit that place just about every day but now I go there so infrequently it's kind of a treat revisiting some of my old spots.
I've got a couple good posts coming up...
stuff from The Tour De CA, night rides in Marin County, and more, so check back soon alright.

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