Saturday, February 24, 2007

California (All The Way)

Now I'm getting caught up, much easier to write about things that are happening now(ish), it's not physically easier seeing as I have a crazy dog nudging my left arm looking for some love while I type. That wasn't a failed metaphor, I meant it literally, I'm dog-sitting, thanks. I arrived in California last thursday, the day after that nasty ice storm in Boston. I nearly (two minutes nearly) missed my flight, my bike didn't even make it onto my plane, it had to come on a later flight...frickin' pain in the arse. I was nearly two hours early despite the fact that I had to scrape an inch of solid ice off the car windshield and bust the car out of a block of ice melt about four inches thick, without the AWD I would have been F'ED. Nice send off Boston. My first day in San Francisco was a bust due to the trip back to the airport, by the way if you ever want to steal a bike the delayed baggage area of the airport is a great place to do it. I arrived back at SFO to gather my errant bicycle to find it locked to a wall, daisy chained to several baby seats and carriages, Cellos, and various other items. I looked for help, found it, or so I thought, four United employees proceeded to ignore me until I became fed up, went over to the delayed baggage area, clicked open the Fastex strap which the cable was locked through, and walked away with my bike, hell I should have taken a baby carriage as well (then pushed it in front of an airport shuttle while yelling "I'll give ya something to cry about!").

My second day in town was wicked, about 75 degrees and sunny. I headed out for a little spin around town, rode through Goldengate park (where a Tourist insisted on taking my photo with the mini-Buffalo), along Ocean Beach, up The Cliffs, through The Presidio, down Embarcadero, just spinning out the legs, and visiting some of my peeps.
Oh, the leg photo, just wanted to show how god damned white my legs are, I even wrote a song about it..."White Thighs" to the tune of Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines". "Get whiter baby...whiter baby...don't ever get tan!".

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JJ said...

wow. i seriously didnt think it was possible to have whiter legs than me.

congrats. you win.