Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snowride, take it easy

The "off-season" hasn't been a total wash, I got out for a few off road rides in The Fells.
Did a nightride pre-snow with Jeff and Andy and Bronte the dog. Despite the fact that I've lived in the vicinity of Somerville for the better part of a decade I have only been on a half dozen or so night rides in The Fells so there the novelty has yet to wear off. The truth is some seasons the only night riding I do is during the six or seven laps of a 24 Hour race, madness, O.K. , maybe not madness, but silliness at the very least.

Two weekends in a row after the snow fell I went out with some IBC riders, just C. Todd and Rachel Brown the first week, then a crew of six the next week. The first time out the snowcover worked like velcro, actually making riding easier, you stuck to everything.

The next weeked there was a bit less cover and more ice, but still fun and mostly rideable. It was all fun and games until C.. Todd nearly lost an eyeball, he washed out on some ice (ya, it was frozen stream) and fell inot a briar patch. It was a bit scary right afterward as he announced that he was blind in his left eye, yikes. He split off early and by the time I got home he had emailed out a photo of his shredded contact lense.
Just after that ride I dimantled my single speed (which at the monent is my only MTB ride) and ordered a Fisher Rig 29er Single Speed, I'm hoping it will arrive shortly after I return from CA so I can get back out on the trails.

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CTodd said...

Thankfully it was just a contact lens!