Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snow Blind

So I'm playing catch up here, not sure when I took these photos...hmm maybe during that one snow storm we had? Perhaps, I have no concept of time. Pretty much turned to total crap shortly after I took these. I did get out for a few fixy rides on the pink 'cross bike, still rockin' the knobbies. It's nice you push hard and still go really, really slow, not so much with the wind-chill that way. Chris McQueen came out on a few spins/grinds with me, dragged me around with his bigger gear and non-knobby tires, quite the beatdown. The hardest day was riding up the Minuteman Path as the snow became incrementally deeper until it was about four inches in Bedford and I was no longer happily crunching along at 15+ miles per hour, I was zigging and zagging, grinding my gear over.
For some reason I chose to ride all the way to Concord on the Minuteman extension (the offroad bit). I opted not to take the Battleroad home that day, brutal. The only thing that got me through a couple of these torture-fests was the promise of a half cocoa/ half coffee at Dunkin' Donuts in Lexington and a single jelly filled Munchkin (you should try them, they don't even have a PLU for ONE Munchkin so they probably won't charge you, yeah!).

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