Monday, December 07, 2009

The Week in Totally Weak Photo Preview

Somehow I didn't end up with all that much time to write this weekend, so what I've got here is a preview of (perhaps) what may be to come this week.

Thursday I began to burst out of my premature and unprecedentedly severe winter funk (which I am just now mentioning) by night-commuting out to school. I felt the magic. I'll elaborate more on that later. The magic. Maybe you know what I'm talking about; maybe you don't. I will try to explain.

Could this be magic?

Friday the momentum was maintained, maybe too much so. I got out for a morning ride in The Fells (AKA "The woods near my house"). Lots of exploring, re-thinking loop directions, and do-overs of technical stuff. I'm a lucky guy to have such good trails so nearby, maybe more on that later.

Friday I also commuted to work (a whopping forty minutes round-trip!) and then hit my friend Dan's backyard Pump Track party. It was a trip. I might have to get a little bike. I felt " the flow." Maybe you know what I'm talking about; maybe you don't. I will try to explain that as well.

For some reason I hurt on Saturday morning. In places I don't usually hurt.


Saturday I had my first awesome New England winter weather "why the hell do I live here" ride to and from work — it sucked. And Sunday I went down to pick up the course supplies for The Ice Weasels at the last Verge Series race in Rhode Island.

Who knows, maybe I'll talk about all that crap, maybe I'll talk more about Chelada and poop.

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Bullitt said...

That's totally a jacket that guys wearing!! Nutty.