Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Next Year...More Beer

Right now I have a very different feeling about The Ice Weasels than I did at this time last year. Last year I was shattered, running a fever, lying in bed for three days, talking about how "there might not be a next year." This year I'm sitting here taking notes as to how to improve NEXT YEAR'S race. Things that jump right out are whoops and the addition of a second berm mirroring the existing one. Course length has to be added, lap times have to be longer. We're thinking we should have gates between the parking lot and the Start/Finish to make it less confusing for folks to navigate the labyrinth of course tape.

Medical. We will have a better plan for medical next year. We had a good test of our flawed "system" when a Hup rider dislocated his finger. "I can either print you directions to the hospital or call an ambulance." "Hmm, I don't think I need an ambulance." Luckily he turned out alright and even came back after they popped his finger back in. When Leah Papas-Barnes went down in the women's race, I had to do the old "Is there a doctor in the house?" And then, since Steve and I were being so goofy on the mic, had to reiterate, "no seriously, anyone with EMT training please report to the PA area."

And of course...MORE BEER. What the hell? I dropped out of the single speed race with a flat at 12:30, went to grab my first beer of the day and — nothing! No beer left. Maybe we shouldn't have tapped the two kegs at 10AM. Wait a second, that's crazy talk. The only reasonable solution is procuring additional kegs from Harpoon.

Yes I dropped out of the single speed race with a flat (while running a 2.25 tubeless tire). On a course with nothing that could possibly cause a flat. I will explain, but not today. I owe the 29er Crew blog a post or two and I plan on posting my amazingly awesome IWC race report over there, perhaps tomorrow.

We are going to have to get our acts together, the write up in Cyclocross Magazine is sure to drive even more people our way in 2010. Maybe we'll have to build that "3 story fly-over like they have in a UCI C1 race." It would open up the course quite a bit and make those lap times longer.

And no, I did not drink a six pack of Chelada during the 45 minute single speed race. I am still open to suggestions on a Chelada Challenge. Something bike-related, something where I won't definitely be arrested or definitely die.

Since I was busy running around like an idiot (what other way do I ever run around?) I didn't take any photos really, but other people did, check these out:



This is special: Cosmo "Cyclocosm" Catalano's geared to SS conversion in a matter of minutes before the SS race:


A video:

Double Hop:

Of course results are up on Crossresults.

Some bloggage:
Chris P.
Steve , who has a graph that proves, with science, that The IWC was superior to the NoHo Verge races. Maybe next year we'll compete with day one of NoHo...we're coming for you Adam!

I haven't scoured the inner-net looking for write ups, so link 'em in the comments section if you find any.

Oh yes, this is important, LOST AND FOUND.

I've got quite a few items at the house in Somerville.

  • Corner Cycle windbreaker
  • IF warm up jacket
  • GORE jacket
  • Craft wind pants
  • Millwork One warm up jacket
Leave a comment with your email spelled out and we'll work it out.


velocb said...

In all seriousness you guys don't need to change a thing! It was perfect in its imperfection to steal from the king of atmo...The Ice Weasels should remain a keg party where a cross race and bike derby breaks out!

Thanks Thom and thanks to your partners in crime Kevin and Resultsboy and a huge thanks to your family for letting us descend upon their farm like a pack of Visigoths and not call the cops on us!

startfinish said...

Thanks for the great race Tom (and crew). You can check out my take on the day's events at www.startfinishbikenews.blogspot.com

Don't change a thing (except for the beer supply) next year.