Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday How To:
Make a Neck-Warmer and
Cold-Weather Yamulke Out of an Old Hat

Yesterday I was about to head to work on the bike, it was not warm out. Now I have a Balaklava, but often I want more neck-protection. Unlike hats, which ( like crappy XL white logo-covered event T-Shirts) seem to accumulate or even reproduce over time; neck warmers are hard to come by. They are not a clothing item that grows on trees (you should see the trousers I once made out of pine cones). I wanted a neck warmer and I was determined to have one.

Cold neck - WAH!

After searching the pantry for viable options, I ruled out duct taping zip loc bags filled with warm oatmeal in a ring around my neck (it would be heavy and eventually become cold).

My mom always told me not to run with scissors, "it's inefficient and you'll hurt your back and knees" she'd say. "Ride your BIKE with scissors instead."

Just when I was ready to abandon hope, it dawned on me. I have tons of hats and I only wear about one of them (one stinky hat). This renders most of my hat collection expendable. I just needed to find the ugliest, most horrible hat in my collection.

I don't even know where I got this thing.
I mean I don't remember being handed this hat
at my graduation from ESPN University at all.

I then cut off what seemed like the appropriate amount
of material from the top end of the hideous hat.

There. That looks gorgeous. A beautiful neck warmer!

Look how warm my neck is. Outstanding!

And as an unintended bonus bi-product, I also created a cold-weather Yamulke.


Miriam K said...

The last picture is so funny to me. I am going to print it out and bring it Anyuka. It will make her so happy. She always said, "if you don't marry a nice Jewish boy who makes the money, marry a nice goy who makes
the yarmulkes." Oy, so crafty.

P.S I threw out your yarmulke during my cleaning frenzy last night.

Magda said...

I am laughing so hard that tears are streaming down my face. Mostly at the last picture, but the whole thing is some good work! thanks for making me laugh. I am having a bad day in suburbia land

leahpb said...

i love it! last year i shrunk one of my favorite wool turtleneck sweaters (yes, i still wear turtlenecks) so i cut off the neck and made a neck warmer, cut off the sleeves and made wooly armwarmers and the remainder can be worn as a baselayer. or i could just wear all of them at the same time but that would be stupid when i could just wear a sweater.
anyways, good job!! i like!!

drdivingdon said...

Great idea, really funny and enjoy life for the holidays and all year

selecter70 said...

I love this...sell some!