Friday, December 11, 2009

Putting The Ice in The Ice Weasels

This has go to be quick. Slept about 3 1/2 hours last night and not looking at that much more sleep to be had tonight. Race Promoter stress AH! Colin, Kevin, Mike Rowell, Mike Zanconato, Dave Wilcox, and I (I could link to all those people but I don't have time...but I do have time to write a parenthetical excuse for why I can't link to them) went down to prep the course today. We were met with ice, snow, tractor torn soil, ruts, and general adversity.

Like riding on a rumble strip, Hell yeah!

Course design involves a whole lot of pointing and
moving your arms around like the Techno-Viking.

Kevin "Tenzing Norgay" Sweeney. That's what I call him.
Thom "Edmund 'Douche Bag' Hillary" Parsons, that's what he calls me.

Kevin is standing ON the course. It doesn't look like that anymore, trust me.
We've inserted jagged pieces of rebar into the ice
for added structural support and impaling power.

Thanks to a bunch of hard tractor work by Chris of White Barn Farm and some elbow frostbite on the part of the aforementioned crew, we got 'er done and it looks like we'll be Cyclocross racing tomorrow!

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rick is! said...

sorry I missed it. some unexpected family stuff made it impossible to attend.

hope you guys had a great turnout.