Monday, April 26, 2010

I've Made a Huge Mistake

Yup, this is gonna be a sad excuse for a post I'm afraid. I wasn't down at Darkhorse Cycles Singlespeed-a-polooza (that's a link to the results by the way). I wasn't even at the local Massasoit Lung Opener race. I was extra-bummed to have missed the SS-a-polooza when I saw that Dejay Birtch had hauled his ass all the way up from Arizona to race. The usual suspects were all there as well. I can only imagine how horrible it was trying to hold Monty's wheel as he ground out the win. The suddenly more-terrifyingly-fast-than-he-already-was (which was wicked-frickin-fast) James Harmon was right behind him. I have to wonder: what gears were those two pushing...was Monty churning a 34 x 16 again, churning it over like a viking rowing a dragon boat? And was Harmon behind him whizzing his cranks around like a blender blade in some typically low gear? Maybe, if he ever updates his blog, we'll find out. Rob Stine and Sean Cavanaugh weren't looking too slow either. I'm actually breathing a sigh of relief right now, knowing that being a geared-o-weird-o this year, I will not be measured against them, I will be just another sorry-assed geared rider falling in their wake.

K-Sweet put in a great performance for the team of our favorite LBS at the Massasoit Lung Opener, and then, in a manly attempt to launch himself into local-legend territory, rode 40 miles back home from the event. Hopefully, if he keeps up that pace, he'll be completely burnt out by the time I have to stand on a start line with him.

Going back to school in a feeble attempt to better myself was the hugest mistake of my life. What possible good can come from hitting the books all week and watching other people go and play on the weekends while I fix flats and explain to people for the eight-billionth time why I can't just install a chain on their mushroomed and shark-toothed drive-train, while simultaneously trying to convince them that WD-40 is not a lubricant?

Yes, I am freaking



Fat Chance said...

Monti was killing it- in the first lap you were dead on: the guy on his wheel was praying for the savage speed to slow down (wheezing and grunting is what I heard as he tried to hold the wheel). I got a couple of pictures on my site and will be posting some stuff up on flickr too.

You were missed.

Darkhorse Cycles said...

you were missed. i'm sure your ears were burning cause there was some smack talk sent in your general direction!!!!!

the mix tape is the sweetest!!!

i will do a proper review on the blog later!!!

jesus built my hotrod! such pure awsomeness!!!!
saw them in concert back in the day......

kevin said...

it was 45 miles, it might have been 40 if i didn't take that "shortcut" through bonky-town.

rick is! said...

hey! I got that wd-40 is not a lube diatribe when I first started riding. sure does work for cleaning stuff though.