Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hey, Look At These

While I Try to Sleep

and Stop the Bleeding in My Brain

I have nine minutes to do this...
and GO!

My conscious mind told me it was going to go on strike and let my unconscious mind take over full time if I didn't shut it down for at least seven hours tonight. We'll see how that goes. I'll no doubt be up peeing at three in the AM and wide-eyed, anxious, and a-rarin' to go make a wreck of my day by five. But I'll be in bed by 9:45 in earnest.

The above photo? That's the right stuff from Sram. Got me a clamp on derailleur, a X speed chain, and a 1 1/8 steered Rock Shox XX fork. Wow, that's a lot of X's. I will try to get the geared bike rolling at some pint...I mean point this weekend. Actually slipped there. I was thinking about how I might have to bribe someone at the shop to stay late so I can finish building the The Love Removal Machine.

Testing the waters

It was supposed to hit 85° today. It would get there eventually, but at 8:00 AM it was a chilly 53°. That didn't stop me from leaving the house dressed like it was already 85° (because I'm an idiot and I skim like it's one of Rooter's ski-racing reports). I was damn near hypothermic by the time I got down near the river. A temperature swing like that is pretty crazy for these parts.

The fact that I had to put on my stinking swamp-soaked shoes didn't help matters. My feet were cold...and they freakin' reeked.

Rocking the 20 lb. pack. I figure if I can't drop weight off my body, I'll carry more weight on my person so I will get that much stronger and be able to push the weight of a much larger man. It makes perfect sense.

It's like the whole throw the medicine ball, throw the medicine ball, throw the BASKETBALL...right through the sky light thing. I ride the heavy bike with the heavy pack and then get on the light bike with no pack and...ride it right through the sky light. That's the theory anyway. Joe Friel talks all about it on his blog, it's called "Medicine-ball-0-dization."

This photo? Maybe I'll explain what's going on here tomorrow, probably over on the 29er Crew site.

Ya, that took more than nine minutes. My brain is going to explode.


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Nathaniel said...

I love the last picture.