Friday, April 02, 2010

April Fools!

Wait, But Let Me Explain

Or at least let me explain that I plan on explaining.

Yesterday's post was the result of an April's Fools joke (a few of you already know this). The post itself was in no way an Aprils Fools joke. I really did shave my head and my chest. And yes, I really did glue my chest hair and head-hair to my face with rubber cement. None of that shit was CGI. It was for real. The joke was not on you, it was on me. This will all become much more clear in time.

I was the victim of a devious, multi-faceted prank, perpetrated by people in my inner circle. I'm still putting the pieces together. I plan on divulging all the elements of this nefarious plot in a detailed report (complete with Kimbo-Make-Over outtakes) on Monday. So check back then, believe me, it'll be worth the trip.

Thanks for reading, see yuz Monday.



Miriam K said...

You say devious. I say crafty or even artful. You say nefarious plot. I say an act of Utilitarianism. You say your inner circle. I say thank god we are bound by a marriage contract. I love you.

P.S Why is my word verification for this comment'creepo'?

EndlessBikeCo. said...

Miriam, you are amazing! Please bring Thom and come visit us soon.