Monday, November 16, 2009

The Swank 65 - Wicked Pisgah

Oh Hello. I see you came over here looking for something. Well, what you're looking for is over HERE. It's the 2009 Swank 65 report over on the 29er Crew blog. It was crazy, it went well, and I apparently had a whole lot to say about it, so top off your coffee, and hang on for the ride. If you don't get at least to the "I bet you can't even find Fantasy Island on a map!" part, then I might begin to doubt your commitment to Big Bikes.


James said...

Way to go Thom! Funny post!

“Woo! We ride this stuff on tricycles, what’s yer major
malfunction Yankee-Boy!”


Cool picture you put together too.

GMB said...


Are you planning on doing Todd B's ORAMM in 2010? I am racing a single speed for that one, Rich Dillen has won the past 3 years; if you get there than it would be extra fun. You can crash at my place if you need to do it on the cheap, I live about 40 minutes from the start. Well done at the race, my fault for not paying attention, my brain just shut off up that last dirt climb, I didn't see a soul, you are very sneaky.

-Geoffrey Bergmark, gbergma1 "at" hotmail "dot" com

Cathy said...

For the record, I drove past Fantasy Island twice just last week. And of course I remember - I'm older than you ;).

CB2 said...

Great job Thom!

Bullitt said...


Wheels said...

Nice ride! That Wes Dickson is a proper racer. Rides a bit of everything.