Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No, You're Out of Order!

I have a few more North Carolina/Swank 65 photos here, and yes, they are out of order. This is about the last of them. We have to move through this stuff and get on to such pressing topics as The Ice Weasels. It's strange, not strange like a huge, sketchy homeless man walking down the street in Central Square Cambridge, stomping his foot and yelling "I'M A BAD MAMMER JAMMER!" And totally freaking out a whole crowd of passersby, but strange still that I am not sweating this Ice Weasels thing like last year. The beauty of the blog is that I can go back in time and see not only what I was doing (or not doing) a year ago at this time, but what I was thinking (or not thinking), and get a good idea of how badly I was freaking out (or definitely freaking out) at a given time.

So far so good. We've got a few folks signed up. Last year I was stressed about our registration numbers. This year I'm not worried at all. Actually I don't even want people to come, if we have 30 racers, not 130, all the better. Makes my "job" easier. And we'll have a whole lot more of that FREE BEER Harpoon is donating to go around.

Tal shows off a nice wound he received courtesy of The Swank

The beautiful morning of the race Shanna blew by us on the highway. You can see those white, 29" rims from a mile away.

You know it's a good night when you're taking photos in the bathroom going, "whoa, that looks cool, I have never seen better art anywhere."

Gored by a rhododendron bush. Sam Koerber said something about how "nature has a way of rounding things out. "
Man has a way of trimming back nature with hedge cutters and making it all pointy again.

While I nodded back off on the couch at Jess and Tal's on the morning of the race, my astral projection grabbed my camera and took a photo of me. That's not strange is it?

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