Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mis-re-direction and Sponsor Thank you #1

The main story is over on the 29er Crew Blog today. Did a write up of my Bay Circuit Trail scouting mission yesterday and posted some photos, RIGHT HERE.

The above photo is from the NYCMTB Highbridge Classic from earlier this summer. It was one of the highlights of the season for me, riding with Jurgen Beneke and all that. The shot was taken by Roger from Spectrum Imaging and I think it stands out in the realm of event photos. These are true, dynamic action shots with an eye for composition. Not your average "Hey look at me, I'm on a bike...in a field...with my race number fully visible to make for easier cataloging" shots. God forbid the photographer should have to go out in the woods and risk getting a frickin' mosquito bite while taking a decent action shot. I almost never buy event photos, but I bought this one and some others from Spectrum.

Sponsor Thank You.

International Bicycle Center
. They are my employer and my sponsor. Unlike some other bike shops where "everybody works all the time," IBC is good about giving their employees the time to race. I probably get too much time to race, if they said no to my insane schedule requests once in a while I might be less crazed. They are responsible for connecting me to Fisher and for the furnishing of the parts which grace my bike. They are an awesome shop with great sales and service staff. Thanks IBC!

And in other gastronomically appalling news: we are 10% of our way toward the goal of raising $100 for the Bacon Egg & Cheese on a Boston Cream Challenge. The entire 10% was donated by a generous philanthropist who probably wants me to eat the thing so I just get more fatter and more slower so he can beat up on me some more next season. That donate button is still over there on the right sidebar, I even moved it up so it's easier to locate. If we don't start making progress toward the goal soon I may have to up the ante.

Heading out to see about building a BERM for the Ice Weasels course tomorrow AM. We've got tractors, ex-military personnel, and computer programmers coming out to consult on the project. The only member of our course design team (besides Rooter) who couldn't make it was the Techno Viking. More on that maybe Wednesday. Not Techno Vikings, The Ice Weasels...more on the Ice Weasels.

P.S. - I've added links to the Blogs, Trogs, and Glogs list. The only way I could make that work was to limit the list to 25. It's not organized by any kind of favoritism based hierarchy; it's ordered by most recently updated (as it was before). I don't use one of them consarned RSS readers. The only way I know if people have updated is from that list. Primitive.


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