Monday, August 17, 2009

The Darkhorse 40

Hours in Car: 7.5 (too many)
Sleep: 4 Hours (too noisy, you damn crickets)
Temperature: Felt like 100° (too hot)
Gear: 34 X 17 (too high)
Tires: 29-3s at 32 Psi. (again, too high)
Time: 3:31-ish (10 minutes too long, if you wanted to win a Niner Fork)
Result: 2nd Single Speed (i.e., too slow to get the Niner fork)
Real Result: A whole lot of fun and suffering (too many days until DH40 2010)

Report is pending, I have to wait for the fluid surrounding my brain to cool down from a rolling boil before I can even begin to piece it all together.



rick is! said...

34x17 is almost too high for me on the road!

Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

Great to see you Tom. Really hard day out on the trails.
Great job even though 1st was the goal.

dicky said...

What am I gonna do without my fjork?


Sean Smith said...

dicky if you're nice maybe you can get it from me instead! what color do you want so I maximize my return?

dicky said...


Put it on your Selma.

You know you want to...

Big Bikes said...

If Sean hadn't mopped the floor with me...correction, I never even saw Sean, so how could he have used me as a mop if he never saw me? A mop and its user most have visual contact before any mopping can commence.

If Sean hadn't called in to janitorial services from abroad and had all his guys take turns using me as a mop (that's better) then I would have won the fork, had it painted pink, then sent it around the world so that people could take pictures of it posed in front of prominent landmarks with a little red conical hat perched atop its steerer, sending photo-postcards to Dicky's address to torment him.

Ya see, the 45mm offset would have made the Superfly handle like a beach cruiser anyway.


dougyfresh said...

ha. i knew you were one gear bigger. 34x18 here and it hurt. i should have went with the 19. oh well. still loads of fun. i felt i rode well all things considered.