Tuesday, August 11, 2009

24 Days of Blog Posts About
The 24 Hours of Great Glen

Gear - 34 X 18
Tires - Bontrager 29-3s @ 28Psi
Laps - 10 @ 8.25 Miles per = 82.5 Miles
Hours without sleep - 40 even (5AM Saturday to 9PM Sunday)
Fastest Lap - 36:32
Slowest Lap - 45:32

Those are the facts, we'll see if I can get anything else out this AM. I've basically given up on writing on Monday nights, I get home sometime after 9, eat, shower, get ready for the next day, and BAM! It's time for bed already. The only reason I'm writing is because I woke up early for no reason. Yup, that's what you want after depriving yourself of sleep for forty hours like a rookie Doctor or an Alaskan Crab Fisherman, you want to rack up a nice five hour night, that'll get you feeling good!

It was nice having two like-souls at the shop yesterday. Both Kevin and Jesse Chebot looked like I felt, they had been at The GG24 as well. We all stumbled around, shuffling our feet, barely lifting them off the floor, with our raccoon eyes half-lidded over bloodshot eyes all day.

The photos above: 1.) That's me at 5AM on Saturday BEFORE the race. I showed up ready for a nap 2.) I've packed less stuff for a Cross country trip, amazing how much crap you need for a 24 Hour Race 3.) A message on the white board reminding us not to forget the white board 4.) Rolling up to Mt. Washington fully strapped. The geared bike never would get any action.

Well, that's all I have time for today, I'll just leave you with this. I rolled in from my 1:30AM lap all bluster, having "drilled it" in response to taunting by Kevin and Colin about how they liked my new over 40 minute laps times, "Ya, you can suck my 39:60 bitches!". "39:16?" Colin asked. "No, 39:60". "That's a 40". "Yes, yes you are right". The results actually said 39:60 and in my sleep-deprived state I saw that as a way better time than a 40. Hi, I'm Thom Parsons, I'm five foot twelve and I put in 39:60s.



gewilli said...

39:60... LMAO...

Nice job

Colin R said...

After sleeping for 10 hours I realized how your 39:60 must've come about... it must be a 39:59.8 or something that got rounded.

rick is! said...

after doing a couple of duo's there I can attest to not knowing math in the middle of the night. I was always asking people to translate our margin over/under the other teams because I just couldn't do it.

btw, I used knackered in today's post and couldn't figure out where it came from but then I saw it in your post the other day (hadn't read it yet though) so you must be subliminally effecting my posts. maybe thats why they suck?