Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Photo Back Log and Explanations

Above: George and Greg on the Thursday AM Danish Pastry House ride last week. It was the first really amazing day of the year and a killer ride. Ripping it up through some of the technical stuff in The Fells at a good clip with some solid riders.

Colin and Gary during a breather.

Colin shares some stories from his recent motorcycle trip to Nicaragua and back.

Gary was a new addition to the ride. Here he rolls away after clearing a wicked rock garden, The guy's got skills. He's old school and XC and smooth as all hell.

After the ride I was determined not to drive to work even though I had to drag my race wheels in to mount up my tubeless tires for the weekend. This became insanely complicated as my fixed gear which is the only bike I can pull the B.O.B. trailer with was in bits and pieces. I realized that my adjustable wrench wasn't big enough to fit around the Truvativ BB tool, oops. No problem...just jam a quick release skewer into the hole behind the worm gear (the adjuster bit) and slam it on the cement floor until the whole deal blows apart all over the room. Now the jaws will spread as far apart as you like. Oh, but how do you get then to stay where you want them...vice grips. So with my chainline about 10mm off and running late I went outside with my loaded trailer...and go! No dice. The cotter pins were all wonky. My neighbors probably formed an even more solid opinion about my general weirdness as I sat on the ground smashing the cotter pins into place with a broken off piece of my stone steps.

Riding a 44 X 19 to work into a head wind pulling a trailer is no way to recover from racing. I only clipped one Cadillac with the outside of one of the wheels in traffic. The car was obviously too wide. On the way home I tried to shoot the gauntlet between two jersey barriers going over a foot bridge. This resulted in a near high speed collision with a chainlink fence. Hey, but I saved ten bucks in gas.

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Adrian said...

Smashing cotter pins with stone steps makes you, like, 75% Haitian.