Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Goes Down at The Thursday Night NEMBA Burlington Landlocked Ride

I've been going out semi-sporadically with some consistency to "lead" the NEMBA Burlington Landlocked Ride (Thursdays, 6PM Estabrook School, Bedford). The past couple rides have actually been lead by Mike Rowell, a supah-fast local. He's fast anywhere, but this stuff is his backyard, and no matter how hard you fight, he will win. You think you're fast? Come out and play with Mike. You a 'crosser who wants to get some intensity with a bunch of cornering practice thrown in (before you flat, get devoured by mosquitoes, and have to walk home) come out and play with Mike.

Of course there are several other-paced rides, including a women's ride that go off at the same-ish time. So even if you don't want to come out and play with Mike on the, as Adam Glick calls it: "Left For Dead Ride," come out and play nice with others.

I'll be riding the Niner One 9 from South Boston to Burlington at about 4:30 Thursday night, right up Mass Ave. If you're in Somerville, Cambridge, or Arlington, hop on the crazy, 15mph, green train.

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eastwood said...

I guess I need to jump in on that at some point... Saw some unfamiliar stuff in the video...seems like I haven't hit everything out there on past ride.

mkr said...

Nice stuff ThomP. I've started to really look forward to these rides. Something new. I think next ride we'll try the XC bikes rather than the SS or funhogs and see if we can cover some ground. Here was my take on that particular ride (http://couchingtiger.blogspot.com/2011/06/new-again.html).

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Fu Manchu?