Tuesday, June 14, 2011

G Spot Ride With Gerry And Crew

(Vimeo version at bottom of post)

My internetting time is meager these days, so I'll have to make this quick and typo-ridden. 

It was my birthday the other day, I think I turned 26...but I'm not really sure. Not too good with numbers. I hid my birthday info on Facebook because, as I see it, there is nothing more meaningless than a Facebook birthday wish. I went to dinner with the family at Washington Square Tavern. The owner, Gerry Finnegan is a small, very solid planetoid around which fun gravitates. The moons that orbit around  this planetoid, which I will call "Gerranus," are named "Beer" and "Bikes." During our dinner, Gerry tried to convince me to go ride a trail called "G-Spot," up in the north shore of Massachusetts (ya, we got a north shore too). I told him I only had my Niner One 9, and that it wasn't the appropriate bike for those trails. "I'll get ya a bike!" he said. And five minutes of texting later, he had. "I got ya a Santa Cruz Nomad, yer gonna love it!" 

But late Saturday night I realized that I had no way to get there other than getting up butt-ass early and getting on a train to Beverly, then riding ten miles from the train to the trailhead...on a single speed with trail gearing. I used to ride 100 milers. Now I'm just a fat, lazy, fuck. I started texting with Gerry..."I'll get ya ride!" he texted. And he did. His buddy Rob showed up at my door the next morning at 9AM in this...

While Rob was driving me to G-Spot, Gerry was driving back from Ashland with "my" bike. The crazy bastard had gotten up before anyone in our group to go get the bike from Johhny "Cougs." I had thought about bailing on this ride...that would have been a bad idea. Gerry had gone all out to make sure I got there and that I had...

 The right equipment for the job. 

Francois was there. He is a bad man on the bike. Apparently he's a bad man behind the wheel too. Or horribly inept. 

After the ride we were debating where to go for a beer. It was a tight race between Hooters and Charlie's Kitchen beer garden in Harvard Square. Charlie's won out. Not exactly near Manchester By The Sea (If it were they'd have to change the name of the town to "Manchester By The Charlie's Beer Garden") but a great place to be on a Sunday afternoon. Gerry's wife showed up with their dog Bruno, an English Bull Dog puppy. Basically the canine equivalent of Gerry. Bruno is very popular with the ladies...

So much so that Gerry's considering starting a puppy rental service for single men. 

Watch out, hatchet chop segue!

I've been leading some rides for NEMBA out at Burlington Landlocked Forest. I'm doing one this Thursday, and there's a possibility that I will be riding out there, hitting stuff along the way. Like telephone poles. No silly, more like hidden singletrack. Details to follow. Or not. 

Should have a video from the last ride up soon. Heh...

I'm also leading a Bike Friday ride this Friday at 6:30 AM from the Ride Studio Cafe to City Hall. 

I have no idea why I have no time to blog. No idea. 

Thanks for checking in to see if I'm still alive, we'll talk soon. 

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