Monday, June 20, 2011

Pivot Cycles Demo Wednesday at The Fells

On Saturday night I was lucky enough to be part of a stealth, little Pivot Cycles demo up at Harold Parker put on by Pivot dealer, JRA Cycles. The bike I rode was the above-pictured Firebird, a 170mm (6.7") travel bike meant more for hucking at highland Mt. than plowing through the flatland rock gardens of HP. But hey, it was still wicked fun. Three of us were on the Firebird, the rest were on 429s or Mach 5.7s. All the riders there were happy with whatever they rode. 

Out of all the 6" plus bikes I've ridden, I liked the Firebird the best, by far. The DW Link is awesome. It takes awhile for an XC douche like myself to get used to a bike like that, but once I got it...
I was just lifting the front end and bee-lining through rock gardens like Harold Parker was a huge luge track, which it it's really not. It's a bumpy, bony, mess. Me, Tom Greene, and Aaron from JRA were carving through rocky corners and blasting through root fields like it was nothin'. Always fun to play tag with riders like those guys. 

If you want to demo a Pivot too, and you know you do, you can do so at the Middlesex Fells this Wednesday between 3-7PM at the Flynn Rink. If I were free, I would be all over that Firebird again like a vegan on a banh mi sandwich. 

Josh from Pivot is the man. He drives around the country ceaselessly, hooking people up with sweet bikes to ride. He was hooking us up on his day off. The man.

Me, Josh, and Brian McInnis getting our asses bit off by mosquitoes in-between getting rad on big bikes. 

I nearly needed a blood transfusion after waiting for Greg to fix his flat. 

A bucket of Crank Bros and Time pedals.
And a bucket of Shimanos to replace them when they break. 

Of course I had to be the one wearing lycra at Bertucci's after the ride. That's my M.O. dude, that's my frickin' M.O.. 

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