Thursday, July 02, 2009

Day Off Wrap Up/Cop Out

Oops, I forgot to write a blog post last night. I rode until 8:15 in the semi-rain with Rosey and Rooter out in Bedford. It was a mad dash to get out to meet them. I rode The Ferrous called Dunderchee into work (which is kind of a slow way to go but I think it's giving me my form and spin back and ends up being a lot more fun than being relegated to the road alone)
By the time I realized how dead The Shop was and that the thunder and lightning had subsided it was too late to make it to the ride on time. I hopped on my road bike to hammer out the commute home "The Dumb Way" through Watertwon Square and that awful artery with 16 and The Mass Pike, a place where I once had to violently outrigger onto a Volvo's front left quarter panel to avoid going under its wheels as the driver talked on his cell phone while trying to cross four lanes of traffic at a right angle.

We had a great ride, slick but not super muddy. It was Rosey's maiden voyage on The Mojo. I hadn't seen the white version of that bike, very striking. On the way home I called Miriam and asked her on an impromptu date to see The Hangover. It was insanely funny, on a totally different level than the cookie cutter Knocked Up, Role Models type stuff that's been coming out in the comedy department lately. And that's why this is such a weak post.

If you want to read a post that is not wiggidy-wiggidy-weak you can check out what I wrote about the Holland School 110 Kids Bike Donation.
There are some good photos like the ones at the top of this post over there as well.

Videos, they are a total waste of my time, but I didn't have to edit the ones below so I won't feel so bad when two of my three readers looks at them.

If you watch careful you can see my wheel (I'm full-face guy) slip on the both of the bridges...sketchy.

Highland Mountain Bike Park Slippery Bridge Stunt from thom parsons on Vimeo.

We did these practice jumps at the beginning of the day, they were scary then. Later, after all the free-ridin' craziness they seemed like nothin'. So much so that I went a little fast and damn near missed the landing, compressing pretty good as I came down.

Highland Mountain Bike Park Practice Jumps from thom parsons on Vimeo.

This video I did spend a long time editing, I've also posted on the 29er Crew Blog and The IBC Blog. It's my attempt at a how-to video. I have work to do.

How To Hop A Log from thom parsons on Vimeo.

This is awesome...for the few of you that got to see what the original title of this post was. I seriously thought it was Friday until Miriam said "Friday Wrap Up/Cop Out? It's Thursday". Oops. Jesus, what the hell am I going to use for end of the week filler tomorrow?


the original big ring said...

it's funny . . . . you look at a person and you kind of imagine what their voice sounds like. Then you hear them speak . . . and it's nothing like what you imagined. I really thought you'd of kind of had a higher pitched (cause you're all skinny and stuff) Bawston accent, but your voice is deeper than I expected and more of a southern drawl to it. Funny.

Did that sound sort of "gay"? Really, I don't sit around wondering what you sound like in my spare time. Or do I????

I did exactly what you suggested in the log hop video and I kept endo'ing over and over again. You suck as a teacher. But then again, I've been surrounded by spec ed kids for waaaaaaaay too long.


Miriam K said...

For the record, Thom's voice in the skills video voice bares little resemblance to his real live voice. His "real" voice is pretty deep in a broadcaster kind of way, but his voice on the video has a drawl and cadence that are not present in person.

the original big ring said...

I think the drawl makes him extra dreamy. You're one lucky woman.

Miriam K said...

The luckiest.