Friday, July 03, 2009

Bacon Burner/
Connecting The Dots Between
The Pieces of The Puzzle/
Putting The "Raining" in Training

It's Waterworld out here. Someone folded the map of the U.S. and Boston now has the weather of the Pacific Northwest. I sat around in Lycra for two hours today, waiting for my window. It looked like I had one, then the rain came back ten fold, absolute deluge. This threw a Capuchin Monkey wrench in my plans. There was no food in the house and I began to get hungry. I made do with what we had...tater tots, bacon, and cheese. Then I felt like crap, lying on the couch full of tater tots, bacon, and cheese, in my lycra. I had to ride, I just needed a window...but a slightly larger one than normal so my fat ass could fit through it.

Starting a ride in the dry and getting caught in the rain is one thing...starting a ride in the rain is another thing entirely.

The window opened and I jumped out of it with my bike. I mean, it had stopped raining but the streets had water cascading down them. I was soaked instantaneously from the spray off my tires. Oh, the photo at the top has nothing to do with this post, that was me driving to meet Rooter last night. I was driving so fast and erratic that I had to wear a helmet. The fact that I was taking photos of myself while doing so made it all the more dangerous.

I've lived in Somerville for nigh on fifteen years off and on and I still don't know all the secret stashes of trails. I know a lot of folks drive their gay-ass SUV to the trailhead (it's OK, I can say that, my brother drives an SUV), maybe don body armor and cover about 8 miles during a ride, that's fine, I do that sometimes too. The rides I really like though are the ones where you go exploring, find new ways to cut through green spaces, linking up areas, making huge meandering loops.

People think that you need a road bike to get fit enough to race a mountain bike. Let me ask you this...what's the difference between riding a mountain bike on the road and riding a road bike on the road? It's all about continuous pedaling. Trail riding is actually pretty easy compared to going hard on the road, you get to stop pedaling way more than you realize. Try going out for a ride on a single speed in a 32 X 17 with a good 30% on pavement. You'll get to spin your legs a whole lot.

That's just my 6 Polish Zloty.

I won't bore you with the details of where I rode and how exciting it was when I made some new connections. If you don't live and ride in my hood, you won't give a flying frog. If you do live and ride in my hood and you want to check some of the stuff out, drop me a line.

If I did not have a hose in my backyard and laundry in the basement dealing with the aftermath of these rainy rides would suck so freakin' bad. I have been riding in wet shoes for weeks, I have moss growing between my toes. You've heard of a green thumb? I've got a green toe.

I think moss is beginning to cover the area where my sense of humor is toe? Ugh.
I'm outta here.


zencycle said...

Good point about what bike you ride. The issue isn't riding a road bike, it's doing the road _work_. Boring as some MTB snobs find it, you aren't going to finish strong at the end of a 2 1/2 hour race without road work, unless you're some sort of genetic freak.

I got three commutes in this week (counting today), and tossed in an extra 90 minutes on mondays ride home. I got rained on, _hard_, both monday and tuesday, and the monday long ride home was partially in a biblical deluge. This morning was the first day since last week monday that I managed to ride with getting rained on. I agree bout starting in the rain versus getting rained on during the ride, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

rick is! said...

If I didn't write about new connectors I've found I'd have nothing to ride about!

newmarketrog said...

good stuff thom!

ever since i started riding 29ers 6 years ago, i haven't owned or pined for a road bike. you can ride with yer eyeballs falling out of yer head on a mtb just as well and personally i'd much rather ride my mtb on the road for mtb benefit than a much lighter skinny tired vehicle.

my ole indy 29er (my only bike and now an 8 speed) is perfect for my daily 28 mile commute to work with the michelin xc at 2.0 at 55 psi and for off road i bleed em down to around 32 psi and i gotta a mtb. a coworker the other day asked me why i don't just throw some slicks on my bike for all of the commuting that i do and i told em that my michelins had over 2000 miles on em (no shit) split between road and dirt and pretty soon they would be perfect slicks and faster for everything everywhere. i don't know what michelin puts into their rubber, but man, these things hold up through everything for thousands of miles. anyway, love reading yer shit. may be if i get motivated to hang a # from my bars, i'll see ya around. some years i feel like it, and others not so much.

oh, btw, get off yer ass and start takin names like you can and do!

i still think back to the 2002 vt 50 while i was on that painful celeste green bianchi singlespeed. was fun to go back and forth with ya for awhile.

roger wharton

Sean said...

What does bacon and tater tots have to do with being vegan? Maybe you've grown out of that phase?

Still remembering a big 'round the world' 4th of July ride with you and JP from Ace, nine years ago, with many many connectors and amazing ways to get from Somerville to..oh...Norwood and back with 50% off-road. 50 mile day on mtb's, back before 29" were invented.