Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New England Bicycle Expo Part Two: Royal H., Icarus Frames, Folk Engineered, And Honey Badger

Ever heard of Folk Engineered Custom Handmade Bicycles? Well screw you know it all, I hadn't. That is until I attended the New England Bicycle Expo. While most frame builders came to the expo from across the street, the kids from Folk Engineered came all the way from
Newark, New Jersey. They didn't ride all the way there like some crazy-broken-car-havin' bastards...but still.

If Calfee built this frame it would be lugged with real leather and the tubes would be made out of real Smurfs. 

And speaking of stuff that's made out of weird...uh, stuff.

 LiveProud was at the expo showing off their wicked-freakin-green wares. They had some garments made out of bamboo. Sounds like a great idea...until you forget what you're wearing and walk into a god damn giant panda exhibit and get your legs eaten off. The world has gone insane and, as I mentioned yesterday, animals are attacking humans with zero provocation right in my neighborhood:

This is no time to be walking around wearing clothing made out of animal food.

Of course  Honey Badger needs no excuse to attack you. Honey Badger don't give a shit...look at this crazy fuck. (Thanks GW.) 

Another one from Folk Engineered. 

This is the reaction people generally have upon seeing an Icarus Frames frame for the first time: "Oh...my...god." 

Ian makes Icarus Frames, he's around them all the time so his reaction is more like: "Oh...my...I think I'll eat this burrito." 

The other half of the Somerville bike building Wonder Twins was in the house as well. Bryan from Royal H. was sharing center stage with Ian and his burrito. I didn't really get to look at their stuff because I was too busy answering questions about the Boston Bike Share program with total gibberish and outright lies. 

I still have a few more things to get to regarding the New England Handmade Bicycle And Hat And Fender show, but again...it will have to wait for another day. 

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