Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Fizzle Out

It's Friday morning, I'm up an hour before I should be, and I'm sitting here drinking a coffee I probably shouldn't be. It has soy milk in it and it's been sitting out since 8:30 AM...yesterday. But I microwaved it, so that'll kill any bacteria or mold, or whatever stuff that was in it that could have killed me or given me explosive diarrhea. I figure insomnia is nature's way of telling me I should go blog about something. Of course what I should really be doing is working on SECRET PROJECT #2 for CycloWhat?
but that would take time, creativity, and actual brain power, things I have a dearth of right now.

Geek out...

Thanks to fucking Vampire Weekend, every time I use an Oxford comma, I think of this song:

I never had watched the video though. Kind of nice in a Wes Anderson sorta way.

Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma Vampire Weekend? I do, that's who. I give a fuck.


If I Tweeted something like that on my Twitters, without fail, one of my 20-something "tweeps" would reprimand me for mentioning  a band or album that came out over three years ago.  I've said it before (I think) and I'll say it again: art and music have no expiration date. If you're not retarded or from Bolivia, you'll get that by the time you're thirty. 

Bolivia? I was going to use the name of some U.S. state where no one looks at the Big Bikes blog, but, for the first time ever, I checked out the map overlay of the site traffic and every state was represented. I was going to rag on North Dakota or Louisiana because I assumed they wouldn't be listening, but no...had to take it to Bolivia. Apparently people in Bolivia are too busy riding llamas through their cocaine fields to stop and smell the Big Bikes. 

Those are my only two stereotypes about Bolivia — coke and llamas. And half of what I know about Bolivia is based on Wu-Tang Clan lyrics. 

Wu-Tang Lego: Da Mystery of Chessboxin' from davo on Vimeo.

Raw I'm gonna give it to you, with no trivia

Raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia

You can learn a lot from The Wu. 

One last point on the played out music's gonna be really funny in ten years when a bunch of twenty-somethings are listening to bands like Vampire Weekend as part of some demented retro movement, causing the now-twenty-somethings (who will then be thirty-somethings) to pull their hair out and scream and kick shih-tzus into wood-chippers. 

I am already out of time, but I will risk running late to tell you guys firstly about what I did last weekend and secondly, about what I'm doing this weekend. 

Last Saturday I lead a ride at the NEMBA Fells opening day kick off. Rachel and...I have no idea how to spell his name because I can barely pronounce it...Mozee? It's French. He used to come out on my NEMBA rides down in the (Cutler) Park

MTB Tom was out on his Igleheart with the new Igle logo. 

Brian from JRA Cycles was there spending a rare Saturday off his feet. 

I forget this guy's name but he was shreddin' on our ride. 

The guys from Cycleloft were cooking up brats and sausages. Fearing that I would come back from ride and find them all packed up, I chose to eat a brat twenty minutes before my ride. And yes I just posted a picture of me wearing a new kit astride a little-wheeled big-squishing bike. We'll get back to that next amongst yourselves. 

The bike is a Rocky Mountiain Slayer. It's not mine, it was a demo, but it was sweet. A bike like that makes mountain biking more like snowboarding. It tells you to do stupid shit. It's rad. Holy crap...I just realized that Rocky Mountain has rights to the domain name: "" That is incredible. 

The top cap on the Slayer. Don't really know what's going on there. 

But I do know what's going on this weekend in Somerville...

I'll be there Saturday AM tabling for Roll It Forward. At 1:30 I'll be heading out on a tour of local frame builders. If it's not raining. 

And, if it's not raining, there may be a little post-builder tour, um...this: 

The insomnia's back and so am I. 

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Ryan said...

The reason I ride a Rocky Mountain road bike (aside from the screaming deal I got on it) is because it says "" on the inside of the seatstays.