Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CommonWheels Bike Co-Op

Tonight on the way back from the Roll It Forward bike mines, I stopped by the Commonwheels bike co-op over in Allston to pick up a bike from a BigBikes Mobile Bike Repair client. It was awesome. I got a little turned around on my way in, I was standing in a dark parking lot, calling Chris Ditunno to have her talk me in. Unlike an air traffic controller she was...awake and able to make sense of my garbled coordinates. "Ya, I'm standing in a kind of courtyard next to a...dune buggy with a...deer head on the hood, and I can hear a band." "I can hear a band too" Chris said and two seconds later she walked out the door. 

What I found inside was a little oasis filled with people eating pizza and working on bikes. 

Chris gave me the run down about all the stuff that was going on in the building and explained the constantly morphing nature of the space. I couldn't come close to keeping it all straight. 

I'm prepping Chris' bike for the NEMBA Fells kick off this Saturday. I'll be down there hanging out with the guys from JRA Cycles and leading a beginner ride at 1:30. Maybe sweeping some other rides too, so come down if you want to ride slow and jump over logs. 

These are sketches of bikes parts. I'm not sure which ones. They look too edible to be bike parts. 

I think this is a motorized bike designed to pierce shields with dollar signs on them. 

I hope they'll let me try it out next time I'm there. 

You can find Commonwheels on the Facebooks. If you live in the Allston area and you need a place to work on your bike and drink beer, you should check them out. 

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