Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Wilderness 101 - Viddy This

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Here are my excuses for the not-really-blogging today:

1.) I spent all day editing video from the 101, you can check all of it out HERE.


2.) M is watching Hot Tub Time Machine, not some cooking competition show...it's really distracting.

Below is the helmet cam video, you don't have to watch it all the way through, but I'm tellin' ya, the last few seconds are the best.

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Nick Waite's interview is pretty freaking entertaining too.

Visit beta.cyclingdirt.org for more Videos


Colin R said...

ahahahahaha Monty ahahahah

you were totally right about the end of that video!

GTL said...

real funny, what am I a clown? do I amuse you? At least I cleaned it in the race...

Bullitt said...

good song on the race vid...who dat?

Big Bikes said...

Black Owls, my buddy Dave from Ohio's band. More on that later...