Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Know It's Over

‘Cross season is over for me. When Natz Schmatz got cancelled due to ten inches of snow I lost all motivation, there was no way in Hell I could wait another three weeks to begin faffing off completely. I’ve got a 100 miler looming in April, without a solid month off inbetween this season and the next I would breakdown both physically and psychologically. Besides I have lots of cake-eating, beer(not to mention Creamy Italian Dressing) drinking, and laying about watching bad movies to catch up on.
Laying about and faffing off still involves riding to work both ways four or five days a week, at least that keeps me honest (and not quite morbidly obese). Don’t have any incredibly ridiculous tales of commuter angst to share, actually not much bike related material to share in general, and since this isn’t my “I Hate My Job Blog” I don’t have much to say. Don’t really understand how that one works, like your boss and higher ups don’t know you have a blog…yup, they never see all the smack you talk about your work place. If you buy that maybe you’d be interested in this bridge I saw on Craigslist…it’s built on some prime real estate in Florida, the seller is a prince from Africa, his financier just needs your checking account routing number.

The other day I went to see a useless Orthopedist at Mt. Auburn, this is what my bike looked like when I came out. I say useless because these guys generally don't get the whole competive athlete thing. "Ah, you look fine when you walk, just don't ride a bike". Thanks buddy, maybe I'll take up competitive walking...or just walk in right in front of an MBTA bus.

This is my street, often it is the hardest part of my commute. A few days ago, I ate it, hard just a block from the house. Went lowside on some glare ice around a righthand corner, then somehow managed to change it into a highside, landing on my left hip, sliding uphill. I don't think I was subsequently killed by an oblivious driver. If I was, the after life is just like the before life, only I get less sleep and drink even more coffee.

Miriam and I went out for Sushi (this is not bike related, but it is weirdness related) the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom had an oddly shaped was meant to be operated with your elbow. OK, that's not weird, it's awesome, now if they'd just make the flush handle on toilettes a foot pedal.

The weird thing was this - there was a bag of meat in the sink. Not Japanese-type meat,it was a form of sausage. Maybe it was just "Sink Meat". I don't eat meat, I'm not an expert.

Riding home at night, sometimes I see the most strangely beautiful things.

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Colin R said...

Hey... lazy old man... no one said you had to be in shape to 'cross. I don't care how many trans fats have infiltrated your maw, come on out, I'll give you a ride.