Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sick Boy

No racing for me this weekend. I was planning on doing the Bedford 'Cross race just because it was so close to home, would have been nice just to ride out, but I am home not feeling so swell, trying to get well before The Vermont 50 next week. I did do some exciting stuff to the bike though in anticipation of the upcoming event. Decided to go rigid, got myself a Bontrager Switchblade carbon fork, dropped a good two pounds off the bike. The VT 50 is way more about the climbing than the descending (at least from what I remember) so I hope this choice serves me well. The bike's weighing pretty light at 21.5 lbs. My Rig does have a little secret, it's EBB was modified by Pete Verdone, a huge amount of material was removed, lightening it up significantly. Check it:
PVD Wiki

Still haven't decided on the gearing, I though single speeds were supposed to be simple...amazing how much thought I put into gear selection. It makes sense though, if you're going to be stuck with one gear for a whole race, you better be sure it's the right one. I think it's best to change as many things as possible just before a race, don't do anything the same way twice. Unless you're riding like Adam Craig, then you stop and say "hey, what am I doing so right? I should keep doing that thing". Otherwise, to hell with it, eat weird stuff, change your saddle height, get drunk and go cow-tipping the night before the race, who cares, you'll find what works eventually...hopefully.

Oh, in more exciting news, I found another great SSWC 2007 gallery by
Single Speed Widow
I like how she captured my jaw clenching weirdly, I am a creature.

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Colin R said...

I just realized that my goal at VT 50 of "don't get beat by some clown on a rigid singlespeed" is completely unattainable.