Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rode to work today, felt like it was 100°, the fire was in my head, I was running a fever, trying to do my taper for The 50, don't know if it was really the best thing to do. Got to the top of a slight rise, at the end of a short interval, guy in an SUV yelled "Lance cheated!". Buddy, get with the program, it's Landis or Vino or Tyler's greasy, greasy Granny. Lance? That's WAY too obvious. "Ya, well you're driving a car" I replied. Damn! What a stupid comeback I thought. I thought again, nah it was pretty good, what else could I say in that short span of time before I dropped out of earshot besides "Ya, suck it!"? My Lance didn't cheat rant is one for another time, don't get me started, I gotta sleep this evil bug out of my system.

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Brent said...

foundation for sandbagging