Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hey Kid, I'm a Commuter...Help Commuter

I don't train anymore, I commute, I super-commute. If I feel good I ride hard, if I don't I spin and just survive the trip. If I wake up early I ride longer, if I oversleep I ride shorter. Somedays I love life, other days I just want the ride to be over. Most of the time I carry a huge backpack, sometimes I bring a few days worth of clothes to work so I can enjoy the sensation of being unburdened once in a while.

Yes, I wrote the previous paragraph over a month ago, that's how I'm livin' yo. I am no longer commuting in a Balaclava and wind vest, it's generally gorgeous out. Actually for two weeks after I wrecked myself there I was driving to work. That ended when I got pulled over for letting my registration expire, luckily I didn't get towed, unluckily I got slapped with a $100 fine. That forced me to quit babying my jacked up shoulder and begin riding to work again, damn just when I was really falling out of shape and packing on the pounds, how am I ever giong to make weight
for my upcoming Sumo bout?

The above photo is of my booty after a winter of riding. I work in a bike shop, I get Booties for wholesale...unfortunately I work in a bike shop, I get paid wholesale wages, therefore I can't afford new Booties even at cost. Maybe I should work in a beer shop, get beer for cost and buy bike stuff from Pricepoint, that might improve my financial situation greatly.

It's hard to take a photo of a headwind, the kind that seems so constant during a New England spring. The tarps on the barn pictured above help illustrate just how brutal these winds can be.

Just like Tom Boonen and company in the 2006 edition of Paris Roubaix I have to stop for trains. I used to commute via train, it doesn't suck nearly as bad as commuting by car, but it's still way up there on the suck-o-meter, and a great way to catch the Flu, the plague, or whatever else is going around.
I'd love to sit here and babble some more but I've got to put on my huge bag and commute home from South Natick to Somerville. Not exactly like the old Fairfax to San Francisco 25 mile each way deal I did for a bit, but beats the hell out driving any day. Bye!

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